The Cakers:

Jamillah Muhammad (The Founder)

While Taste This Cake was established in 2016, Jamillah’s love of baking began many years ago when she watched her great grandmother and grandmother baking in the kitchen in Florida.  Everything was from scratch and was often made with handpicked ingredients.  Eventually, Jamillah lost touch with her baking roots...until she became a nurse.  You can imagine, she saw more bad than good.  In response, she started baking for the staff just to bring a smile to people’s faces.  No one is sad when there's cake around!  The reactions she got from the staff and residents reminded Jamillah of fighting with her brother and cousins over the bowl of leftover batter growing up.  Needless to say, she fell in love all over again.  Thus, Taste This Cake was born.  Today, the business is operating out of B-More Kitchen, located in North Baltimore.  Our core values mimic Jamillah’s childhood: southern inspired (with our twist), from scratch, local and/or high quality ingredients, less waste (recyclable and compostable packaging, very little thrown away), and community oriented.  We invite you to Taste This Cake!

The Cakes:

Our cakes are fresh and made to order from scratch for your event.  Meaning, it was baked exclusively for you.  Our cakes range from health conscious to splurge worthy.  We source locally and use quality ingredients.  We do not use ingredients that contain pork or alcohol for religious reasons.  If we have to contact a company for their ingredient lists, we do without hesitation.  In fact, it has been quite enlightening to find alcohol and pork in everyday foods you wouldn’t think they were in.  That, and the fact that we're nerds, fueled us to make things from scratch (lemon curds, strawberry preserves, buttercream, etc).  We also love to experiment with flavor profiles and techniques, so outside of feeding your soul, you never know what you’re going to get from us!  In the end, our priority lies in the entire cake experience from initial order to your first bite because you and your taste buds matter to us!

The Community:

Being involved in the community strengthens it. Annually, we make in-kind donations to local races. We also partner with local farms for our ingredients to reduce our carbon footprint, sustainability (i.e. no farms=no food) and to foster a sense of community by supporting a local farm family.  Our local partners include: Andy's Eggs and South Mountain Creamery.