And we’re off….

Yesterday was opening day for the Edmondson Village farmer’s market in Baltimore City. I’ve been a consumer of markets before, but never a vendor. I’m very much a planner, so research and preparation was key for me. The market manager, Jill, held meetings to review payment options (SNAP, FNP, EBT, etc…things I was unaware of prior to the meeting) and for networking among the vendors.

They also requested information about Taste this Cake for their website to assist with marketing on both ends. As for me, I thought all I had to do was bake and show up! WRONG!!! Indeed, one of the core values of Taste this cake is taste. However, I realized I would no longer be in front of my family and friends with cake. I would be selling my cakes to people I didn’t know, so my focus had to be presentation as well. To start, my mom and I wore our logo T-shirts.

The table décor and cake wrappings were rustic, cute and simple in my eyes. I must’ve done a good job, as the journalist from the Baltimore Sun commented on the décor in his article. Overall, I didn’t sell out (came very close); however, I had a great time! I made some connections (YOLO farms for my eggs). I got great feedback from the patrons and other vendors. Most importantly, I got over the first time jitters and got lessons on how to proceed.

XO Jamillah

Baltimore sun article

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