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Ok, I love apples! Granny Smiths have been my favorite since forever. I'm now developing a like for Fuji apples as well. Any who, last Fall I went to see my grandmother in Florida.  While I enjoyed the 70 degree weather for a week, I was reminded of why I couldn't live in Florida permanently. There's no true season change and I happen to love Fall. So, my way of bringing Fall to Florida (at least for a day) was to use up the apples that were calling me from the fruit basket. Those counter inhabitants turned into Apple dumplings. My family loved them. My aunt was visiting from the Bahamas and asked for the recipe. I shared with her and now I'm sharing with you!  This recipe calls for Mountain Dew, but any lemon sodo will do the trick. Enjoy!!!

Cakes and happiness

XO Jamillah

Apple dumplings

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