The thing about custom cakes...

I recently posted a custom cake on Instagram. My friend/client loved it but I didn't get a lot of "likes" for the work.  Initially I was really upset as I believed this was so thoughtful. It's like the good report card you bring home, show it to your parents and they just pat you in the head. And you want to ask if they realize the amount of work that went into those grades?!  But then it just hit me a moment ago why...because it was so personalized. She knits so there was a pair of knitting needles and yarn. She make jewelry so I made a pair of earrings. She just launched matches for her business so I made matches out of fondant. Finally, I made a label similar to her candle labels but named it "bday cake" since it was her birthday. It takes some explaining to others for them to get it, but she got it right away. Yes, I should get over now that I understand the reason. Every day you learn something new. The lessons today are two-fold: I cannot expect everyone to get it and as long as the customer is happy, I'm happy. 

Cakes and happiness 

XO Jamillah

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